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doronnewimageLawyer and economist—having both law credential and a B.A. in Economics from
the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mr. Nichtberger received a Certificate of Excellence in Management Law and had held senior managerial positions, such as serving as chief economist at Rotem Fertilizers (ICL) company, director of budget and finance in Israel’s Lavi project, and chief finance manager of an industrial company.

Mr. Nichtberger practices civil and commercial law, specializing in lawsuits against banks, legal issues related to mortgages, and hedge fund formation. He provides expert opinions on the subjects of divorce, banks and mortgages, analysis of bank documents, shelter of assets from banks and more.

In the 1990s, Mr. Nichtberger worked in a senior management position at Bank Hapoalim. As part of Bank Hapoalim, for two years Mr. Nichtberger received in-depth and comprehensive training for managers, credit and securities.

Mr. Nichtberger, a banking litigation attorney, specializes in solving complex problems against banks, financial claims, claims against the banks and the establishment of a hedge fund.
With extensive expertise and representing individuals, business firms and organizations in a wide range of topics and specialties, we believe in making every effort to reach agreements quickly for our clients without going to court.

Doron Nichtberger, a lawyer and an economist, specializes in claims against banks.

Below is a case in which, within three weeks, Mr. Nichtberger was able to resolve the dispute and obligate Bank Ben-Leumi to return the full amount of money to his client. See the full story in the Maariv newspaper article.

In 2013, Gabi Gazit invited Mr. Nichtberger for an interview on in his morning program on radio 103FM. As a specialist lawyer on banking litigation, Doron explained on the program the difference between banks’ attitudes towards the common people versus their attitudes towards tycoons in Israel.

In November 2013, Lawyer Doron was invited to Amnon Levy’s program on Channel 10 as a claims specialist lawyer against banks and a lawyer representing a taxi driver who won millions of shekels in lottery and became entangled with Bank Hapoalim.
35:00 minutes of interview aired

Lawyer Doron gives expert opinions on the subjects of divorce, banking, analysis of banking documents, and about shelter of assets from the bank and more.

The firm’s areas of specialties:
• Civil and Commercial
• Claims against banks
• Money laundering
• Hedge Funds
• Expert opinion related to banking
• Restricted bank accounts

Our firm provides legal services to our clients with professional and reliable effectiveness, especially with business and financial orientation that helps our clients to focus on doing business and avoiding unnecessary legal disputes.

We provide private and business clients with personal, professional, fast, and reliable services, while maintaining our clients’ interests on a broad front.


Doron Nichtberger is a lawyer specializing in civil and commercial law, with expertise in claims against banks.

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